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TruFlat® Software v9.31
Provides Ready to Submit
Graphs & Reports

Truflat® generates printed reports and graphs that present the survey data in a clear way for analysis.  Truflat® is ideal for either test labs or contractors who need “ready to submit” graphs and reports for the owner’s engineer. 

ASTM E 1486 Pitched Floors & Elevation Conformance

Above: TruFlat® enables you to plot survey data in two ways: single or multiple
elevation profiles (shown here) and elevation/slope/10-foot elevation difference.

Generate Professional Floor Flatness Reports using TruFlat® Software

TruFlat® Replacement Manuals
Available Now

TruFlat® Replacement Manuals Available Now

All the information typed into the FloorPro® will be displayed on each report.  Download data from the FloorPro® to your computer and the powerful Truflat® program generates easily understood printed reports. 

Upgrades are available now...and, all purchases of TruFlat® Software come with ONE YEAR of FREE Upgrades.

Truflat® Software Provides... 

ASTM E1155 FF & FL Numbers

F-numbers are reported in several formats: individual survey line reports, composite reports for multiple survey lines, and multiple test sections.  Truflat® will also produce a step analysis to diagnose problem areas. 


Flatness can readily be evaluated in terms traditional in the construction industry.  Truflat® is the only software available today with this advanced computerized Straightedge technology.  Past attempts at straightedge analysis were clumsy and time-consuming, but Truflat® can evaluate hundreds of data points in minutes, examining all possible combinations of straightedges by actually stepping the a computed Straightedge down the survey line. 

ASTM E1486 Waviness Index

The Wl2-10 [0.6-3] waviness index is sensitive to 4-15 ft. [2.4-9 m] wavelengths that FF and FL do not sense.  Wl2-10 [0.6-3]  is based on the average gap below 2,4,6,8 and 10 ft. [0.6, 1.2, 1.8, 2.4, and 3 m] long straight edges, not just the gaps below the mid-point of 2 ft [0.6 m] and 20 ft [12 m] lengths that are the basis for the FF and FL Numbers, respectively.  The Waviness Index provides information for determining which construction tool may be creating bumps in the floor, and which bumps can be corrected to provide superior performance for the intended traffic. 

ASTM E1486 Defined Wheel Path Traffic

Produces both the longitudinal and transverse analysis as well as a suggested grind report for the wheel tracks in narrow aisles where either four-or three-wheeled narrow-aisle, high-stack turret forklift trucks are to operate. 

ASTM E1486 Pitched Floors & Elevation Conformance

Reports the elevation variation from an elevation benchmark, or the data average.  Truflat’s® “EC” report gives percent of points that lie within the specified tolerance.  For tolerancing pitch or slope of a floor in one direction, RMS Levelness gives average tilt. 

There are two ways to get TruFlat® Software

The first way to get TruFlat® Software is to purchase or trade-in your FloorPro®. Buyers of a new FloorPro® automatically receive TruFlat® Software FREE (over $949 value).

The second way to get TruFlat® Software is to purchase an upgrade. Now you can own TruFlat® on CD, or receive download access immediately.
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Typical Use Guide for F Numbers From ACI
(See ACl 117 For Floor Flatness Tolerance Specifications)

FF flatness

FL levelness

Typical Use

@ 90%



Conventional: mechanical rooms, nonpublic areas, surfaces to have raised computer flooring, surfaces to have thick-set tile, and parking structure slabs.


1/2" [13 mm]



Carpeted areas of moderately flat: commercial office buildings or lightly-trafficked office/industrial buildings.


3/8" [10 mm]



Surfaces to receive thin-set flooring only on suspended slabs, but FL number only applies to level suspended slabs, shored at time of testing.





Flat: Thin-set flooring or warehouse floor with moderate or heavy traffic. Only for slabs on ground.


1/4" [6 mm]



Very Flat: Warehouse with air-pallet use, ice, or roller rinks. Only for slabs on ground, suspended slabs.





Superflat: Movie or television studios. Two-course placement required for suspended slabs.



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