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About Ytterberg Scientific, Inc.
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100 Years of Experience Working for YOU

For nearly 100 years the name Ytterberg has been directly associated with leading products, processes, and service in the concrete flooring industry.

Concrete and the name Ytterberg first came together in 1926, when C. Frederick Ytterberg (grandfather of YSI's current president) became a salesman for Kalman Floor Company, Inc, which he bought in 1942.  Since then, the concrete industry has seen many innovations and patents held by Kalman (and Ytterberg Scientific), all of them proving to be successful products and processes that increased the durability and performance of industrial floors while reducing construction and maintenance costs for the owners.

We guarantee to provide you with the most sophisticated products and the best customer service on the market today to ensure you can provide the best to your own customers.

Over Two Decades of Dedication

When YSI was founded in 1992 by Robert F. Ytterberg, he had a singular vision to make the measurement of floor flatness easier and more reliable.  This vision has grown over the last two decades and integrated into the FloorPro® and TruFlat® software.  We have successful deployments and many lifetime customers worldwide as a result of Robert's vision.

Your success is crucial to our business and we serve this industry because it is what we love to do.  YSI is transforming the floor flatness industry by making it easier than ever to rapidly and accurately measure a floor - and we are sure that by using our products you too will reap the incredible benefits of hard work and dedication (see our Warranty).

Our customers are always looking for ways to save time and money.  The FloorPro® with TruFlat® Software allows you to do both.  YSI has developed revolutionary tolerancing instruments that have become world-famous and ensure you effectively supply the best reports on the market today. 

We have designed our products with ease of use in mind - to allow you to benefit from them immediately.  When you use YSI products you will be able to deliver accurate and reliable information on a daily basis.  From experienced to entry-level — you can use the FloorPro® can put extra cash in your pocket on each and every job you have.

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