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Frequently Asked Questions
About The FloorPro®
Floor Flatness Profiler

Ytterberg Scientific, Inc participates in ASTM and ACI standards bodies.

If you want information on Floor Flatness standards published by ASTM, please click this link.

Since 1984, Carl Ytterberg, CEO, has been a member of ASTM Committee E06.21 on Serviceability which issues the standards for floor flatness, such as E1486 Waviness Index, and E1155 F-Numbers.

And you can get more information on Floor Flatness from ACI committees 117 and 302 by visiting the American Concrete Institute.

Do I have to be in constant contact with my FloorPro® while in use?

No, the beauty of the FloorPro® is you “set it” and “forget it”.  The FloorPro® allows you to do other tasks while the FloorPro® gathers the necessary data, saving you time and money with each use. 

Can I rent a FloorPro®?

Yes the FloorPro® is available for rent. Please contact our office at 303.565.1780 or click here to learn about rental options.

Can I trade in my FloorPro®?

Yes, trade-ins are accepted.  We require your trade in model to include all parts.  Please contact our office at 303.565.1780 for further details. 

Can I run my FloorPro® through water?

Yes as long as it's below the chassis clearance. Running your FloorPro® through water that is too deep may contaminate the battery compartment potentially shorting out the electronics rendering your FloorPro® inoperable. 

What temperature range can I run my FloorPro®?

Your FloorPro® can easily operate between 32 degrees Fahrenheit and 100 degrees Fahrenheit. It is also used down to temperatures of -10 to -20 deg. F without loss of functionality. (Batteries will need to be warmed occasionally)

Can I call to get assistance on the operation of my FloorPro®?

Absolutely, with the purchase of each FloorPro® we offer technical and operational assistance.  

I received an answer from my FloorPro® that doesn’t make any sense.  What do I do?

It is possible the memory on your FloorPro® may need to be erased.  We suggest you regularly erase the memory. 

How much data can the FloorPro® hold?

Your FloorPro® can hold a tremendous amount of data.  Up to 16 miles if necessary, depending on the number of runs.  We strongly recommend you download the data at the conclusion of each day. 

Can I measure 10 different jobs simultaneously?

Yes, your FloorPro® is very versatile and can simultaneously record multiple jobs. 

How long can I keep data stored in my FloorPro®?

Storing data in your FloorPro® for lengthy periods of time leaves the data susceptible to corruption. We recommend you regularly download the data and erase the memory.

I’m unable to see results on the screen.  Why is that?

The backlight on your FloorPro® may be too bright or too dim.  Re-run the setup feature on your FloorPro® and make the necessary adjustments to view the screen. 

Is the FloorPro® available in metric?

Yes, the FloorPro® is available in imperial or metric measuring units.  Click here for details on all FloorPro® models and options.

How long is my FloorPro® going to last?

FloorPro®’s durability is unmatched and they hold up to normal wear and tear very well.  Models have remained in excellent working condition for 10-15 years.  If you have reached this point and are looking for an upgrade contact our office for discounts on trading in your existing FloorPro®.

Does my FloorPro® come with a warranty?


What happens if I drop my FloorPro®?

The FloorPro® is designed to withstand rigorous use.  The most common problems after dropping the FloorPro® may result in bent axles.  Damage of this nature will affect your readings and may render the unit inoperable.  Please contact us at 303.565.1780 for repair.  

How do I purchase a FloorPro®?

To purchase your FloorPro® contact our office at 303-565-1780 or simply click here to use our online order form

What is included with a FloorPro®?

We have 3 packages available - click here for pricing options.

How can I get a copy of the software?

You can order a copy of the TruFlat® software (in CD or downloadable format) here, or by contacting our office at 303-565-1780. When you order TruFlat® Software, you are entitled to one year of free software upgrades.

Is there a training program?

Yes, click here for details.

Is there a certification program?

Yes, click here for details.

How can I get replacement manuals?

Replacement manuals can be ordered directly from this website. Click here for a FloorPro® replacement manual and click here for a TruFlat® replacement manual.

What are FloorPro®’s specifications and tolerance?

See the Specifications and Tolerance page for details.

How often do I have to send in my FloorPro® for re-calibration?

Every 16-18 Months. Here's how to send us your FloorPro® for calibration.

We currently use other measurement equipment and were interested in upgrading.  Is your product more efficient and/or easier to use?

Absolutely.  The FloorPro® is extremely user friendly and efficient.  In fact it will save you time and money the first time you use it.  The FloorPro® is “set it” and “forget it”. See our comparison page for details.

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